Sandro Sanna was born in Macomer, Sardinia, in 1950, and has lived in Rome since 1965. He has participated in numerous exhibitions in public and private spaces, inc/uding: the X Quadriennale d’Arte in Rome in 1975; the Biennale d’Arte Città di Milano in 1989 and again in 1993; the Premio Marche in 1990; the solo exhibitions at Rome’s Gal/eria Giulia in 1987, 1990 and 1994; he was a participant in the event L’Arte a Roma in 1997 where he won the purchase prize awarded by the Gal/eria Comunale d’Arte; the solo exhibition of 1998 held at the Museo Laboratorio d’Arte Contemporanea at the “La Sapienza” University of Rome; the solo show of 2000 at the Gal/eria Ronchini in Terni and the IX Biennale d’Arte Sacra in S. Gabriele (TE). In the mid-1990s Sanna created Bisanzio (Byzantium”), the Muri d’acqua (“Walls of Water”), Deriva (“Drift”), Maglie e derive (“Meshes and Drifts”) and the Geodi (“Geodes”), the natural evolution of his cyc/e Pietre (“Stones”). In 2000 he organized the solo exhibition Omaggio a Giuseppe Berto at Palazzo De Riso Gagliardi in Vibo Valentia, comprising works created between 1990 and 2000. In 200 I he participated in the 8th International Cairo Biennale and displayed the large wall installation Cosmogonia 2001 at the Galleria Comunale d’Arte in Clamtnno (Rm).

On 8 May 2003 the exhibition Metallica opened in Rome, organized by CAM in via Capo di Ferro. Maurizio Calvesi describes the artist’s work as follows: “Sanna is an abstract painter, not because he has gradually eliminated the figure but because his images depict a virgin universe on which no figure has yet stamped its shadow and where the principle of life hovers in its pure and mysterious essence”. Again in 2003, his steel and light sculpture “Meteora”, 8 metres tall, was installed in Piazza Re di Roma by the Comune di Roma and ACEA S.p.a..

In 2004 Sanna was involved in the major exhibition held at the National Museum of Art of Romania, the Royal Palace in Bucharest and the National Museum of Fine Arts of Moldova in Chisinau, with works from the years 1990 to 2004; in Seoul, South Korea, he held an important exhibition of large-format works at the Gallery of the National Library. In 2005 he participated in the World Expo in Aichi and held a solo exhibition in the United State s, in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Washington. In 2006 he was represented at the exhibition Myth and Speed at the Kremlin Museums in Moscow, at Nature and Metamorphosis in Shanghai and Beijing, at OutArt, Arte Contemporanea at the Villa dei Quintili in Roma and at Lights On at the Artiscope Gallery in Brusse/s. In january 2007 he participated in the exhibition Baltico Mediterraneo, Italia-Finlandia a confronto, held at the Museo Nazionale di Castel Sant’ Angelo in Rome. In the same year his works in the Farnesina Collection were displayed in the travelling exhibition Viaggio nell’arte italiana 1950-80, cento opere dalla Collezione Farnesina, held in Sarajevo, Sofia, Budapest, Suibiu and Bucharest.

Sanna’s works ore owned by the Collezione VAF-Stiftung del MART ofTrento and Rovereto, and the Nuova Collezione of the Galleria Civica di Arte Contemporanea G. Perricone in Erice (TP). In 2008 he returned to China with the exhibition Subtle Energies of Matter at Shanghai’s Urban Planning Exhibition Center and the China National Academy of Painting in Beijing. He later participated in the group exhibition Sconfinamenti held at the Museo Nazionale di Castel Sant’Angelo in Rome, in the XIII Biennale d’Arte Sacra in San Gabriele Isola del Gran Sasso and the 59° Premio Michetti where he was awarded the Ruffìni purchase prize. 2009 saw his works on display in Dinamismo/Spazio/Luce Nera, G. Balla, L. Fontana, R. Almagno, S. Sanna, University of Molise, Campobasso; Energie Sottili della Materia, Castiglia di Saluzzo, Saluzzo- Cuneo.

In 2010 the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei awarded him the Premio Leonardo Paterna Baldizzi per la scultura, for his work “Meteora”.

In 2011 he participated in Percorsi riscoperti dell’arte italiana nella VAF-Stiftung 1947 – 2010, at MART in Rovereto; in Il Palazzo della Farnesina e le sue collezioni, Museo dell’Ara Pacis in Rome, and later in MEIS Architetture per un museo, with the  Canah studio at the Palazzo dei Diamanti in Ferrara and in the Italian pavillion at the 54th Venice Biennale, section held in the Sala Nervi of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Turin.

In 2012 takes place the double personal exposition at Museo Carlo Bilotti in Roma with the title La Luce Oscura della Materia (The obscure Light of Matter), together with Roberto Almagno. In this project Sanna presents a new series of large format artworks titled Primigenia  and Origine. In the same year he takes part to the 15th Biennale d’Arte Sacra Contemporanea at Isola del Gran Sasso (TE), and to the 67th Mostra Nazionale Premio Città di Termoli 2012 and shows in the Galleria Civica di Arte Contemporanea of Termoli his La Rètina Lucente. The personal exhibit Dinamismo Statico (Still Dynamic) is displayed in Lebanon in the gallery Pièce Unique, Beirut.

In 2013 with the title Universi Vibranti (Vibrating Universes), Sanna exhibits in Milan, at the Arte Cortina gallery and again in Rome at the Porta Latina gallery in a collective show named Origine, together with Bendini and Guerrini.

In 2014 he wins the price Dante Ruffini and Maddalena Pettirosso in the 65th edition of the Michetti Price; the same year sees him participating in the project La Luce e L’Icona organized in Cimitile (Napels) at Basiliche Paleocristiane.

In 2015 he presents at the TraLeVolte Gallery in Rome aMare, a five meters high artwork, designed for and dedicated to migrants.  At the same time his large scale Cosmogonia 2001 becomes part of the Collection of GNAM (Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna), in Rome. Moreover he participates in the 48th Premio Vasto at the Scuderie di Palazzo Madama in Vasto (CH),  titled L’Arte Magica.

In 2016 Sanna returns to the Carlo Bilotti Museum of Rome with the collective exhibition Fragili Eroi, and his work is shown again in the Porta Latina gallery within the Testo a Fronte exhibit and in Venice at Palazzo Donà delle Rose in the project BIAS.

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